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 Health Coaching 

What is Health Coaching?  

A health coach is a trained professional who helps individuals improve their physical and mental health and well-being through personalized guidance, support, and accountability. Health coaches work with clients to identify their unique challenges and goals and develop strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve their desired outcomes.

As a health coach, the primary focus is helping clients build resilience, manage stress, and develop positive coping skills to address various health concerns, including anxiety, depression, diabetes, and hypertension.



Inspiring Change

Dorothy was a Black woman, Texan, Pioneer, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister and Person who lived with diabetes, hypertension, and history of stroke. Dorothy ruled as queen of her southern kitchen, she was a survivor,  pilar of strength and many things to many people. She lost her battle against diabetes and vascular disease resulting in a preventable loss for our family. 

Herman was a Indigenous Man, Brother, Father, Husband, Uncle and person who lived with diabetes. After the loss of both parents, Herman experienced childhood trauma that manifested as substance abuse in adulthood. The battle to recovery from substance abuse was won but the battle of diabetes lost at age 67, resulting in a preventable loss for our family.


 Human Health 

WELLTH Club is an Integrative mental health coaching program. The program is designed to preserve health, prevent illness and reduce disease progression. Perhaps you want to improve your mood, feel less stress, frustration or sadness and begin to experience more balance, vitality and ease and/or you want improve your physical health, have less restrictions, prescriptions or weight and begin to experience more freedom, confidence, vitality and ease. The WELLTH Club is for concerns that impact us as humans but can be changed through change. 

Enrollment opening soon! 

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